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Digital Display Seven-blade Electric Shaver

Digital Display Seven-blade Electric Shaver

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Product information:

Function: whole body washing, LED display, floating cutter head, veneer adjustment
Shaver heads: Rotary multi-blade heads (more than 4)
Cleaning method: whole body washing
Life time: more than 60 minutes
Style A: Gun color standard
Style B: Gun color six in one
Style C: Spare cutter head
Style D: standard configuration + spare cutter head
Style E: Standard + 2 spare cutter heads
Style F: six in one + spare cutter head
Style G: 6 in 1 + 2 spare cutter heads

Style H: 8 cutter head standard

Style I: 8 cutter head standard + spare cutter head

Style J: 8 cutter head package

Style K: 8 cutter head package + spare cutter head

Style L: 9 cutter head standard

Style M:9 cutter head package

Power supply mode: dual-purpose charging/power supply
Shaver charging time: 3 hours

Packing list: 

Standard configuration: shaver + USB cable

Size Information:

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